Exeprience the Adventures of Alice in wonderland -Evesham Hotel


The magic lies in the figment of your imagination – putting yourself in the shoes of the characters of a book or a movie you have been growing up reading .

At Evesham they hand you an opportunity to explore themed family rooms such as  Alice’s wonderland . Turn your holiday into a bed time story while the kids have a fun time experiencing  ,how it feels to be down the rabbit hole and Alice’s little world .

What can you expect from this special family suite? Spending a starlit night in the bunker bed, specially carved like the dream-world of Alice? Kids get to sleep in bunk beds with wooden caterpillar shaped staircases facing   king and queen of hearts and the pack of cards

April 7th 2014 Evesham HotelEvesham, Worcestershire

While you stay at the hotel  you can dip down the bathing machines of the sea(swimming Pool) which Alice later found out to be the pool of tears. Do you remember how she  imagined seeing a  walrus and hippopotamus only to find a mouse.

Have a lovely Mad  Tea party like March Hare and the hatter at the lovely Restaurant or the beautiful expansive garden spread in 2/12 acres of land .

You could have a leafy lush lunchtime at the Cedar Restaurant with local sourced ingredients

April 7th 2014 Evesham HotelEvesham, Worcestershire
Kids Room View

Let the children not miss the beautiful cave toy room attached with the master room ,where they can  have a cuddle time with little bears and animals .


April 7th 2014 Evesham HotelEvesham, Worcestershire
Evesham Hotel, Worcestershire


Yes! You can get all these special themes under one roof,  that is at The Evesham. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone or login online , to reach our  reservations and have a heavenly time in the wonderland!

Sudha Thakur



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