The Silverstone Time Trial Challenge


The Silverstone Time Trial Challenge takes place on October 2nd 2016 this year.

This cycling race caters  to all levels of riders.It offers a challenging and rewarding ride along with a retail village located at the pit lane.Cycling related products can be purchased too.There are  other interactive activities to take pleasure in.

The event attracts elite and sports riders from all over the country and beyond, but also your everyday paddler and families with whiz kids participate .

Another reason to visit is #Silverstone itself, A motor racing circuit and a top tourist spot which can offer you a fantastic day out.

Part of the event’s attraction is the stunning beauty of the tracks  and circuit .

Tickets and more information is available on the parent website.

At #Banbury hotel, a wide range of room options, world-famous food and British hospitality can be experienced at its best in a contemporary set-up.

Staying at the Banbury hotel which is 20 minutes drive from Silverstone you can explore this exciting event or plan your visit .There are other transport options available  and our concierge will be happy to help.

Call us  or login online , to reach our  reservations



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