Mulberry Trees

Mulberry trees are deciduous trees. They belong to the Moraceae family. Mulberry fruits are multiple fruits, generally dark red or black in colour. They are very sweet when ripened. Besides, the edible and sweet fruits, mulberry trees have many extra ordinary qualities. Almost all the parts are useful to the mankind and other living beings. The trunk of the tree is soft and supple so very good for carving. The bark and leaves are used for paper making. Apart from that silk worms feed on mulberry leaves.

Greeks dedicate this to goddess of wisdom, Athena. The mulberry trees bud only after the harsh winter is over. Thus it is associated with patience. However, the blooming is so sudden, as if it bloomed overnight, it is also linked to expediency and wisdom

Some believe that the mulberry trees produce lot of sweet ripened fruits because of children play under the trees and their joy makes the trees happy and productive.

At The Evesham Hotel The Mulberry trees are in the region of 450 years old.  We use our homegrown  fruit sometimes to make mulberry scones, mulberry jam and we have also just made some mulberry liqueur!

Our Beautiful Mulberry Spa is named after it .Click here to book now 


Another prominent story associated with mulberry tree is Pyramus and Thisbe’s love story. Pyramus and Thisbe were two lovers in the city of Babylon. Their love could not flourish because their parents were not in agreement with that. They agreed to meet under a mulberry tree. On arrival under the mulberry tree, Thisbe spots a lioness, who had blood stains in her mouth after a recent kill. She flees from the spot. However, accidentally her veil gets stuck up there. When Pyramus reaches there after a while, he sees the lioness and Thisbe’s veil. He believes that the lioness killed Thisbe and he also ends his life. When Thisbe comes to know about this she also kills herself. It is believed that this tragic love story and the blood stains has made the mulberry fruits turn red in honour of Pyramus and Thisbe.


Sudha Thakur


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