Evesham -A Riverside Holiday

A Relaxing holiday is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of visiting #Evesham . If the accommodation you have chosen is in line with that what more would you ask for .

The Evesham hotel  :  Staying at this beautiful privately run property you can have a holiday of a lifetime.

Weather its walking down the towns picturesque marketplace , marveling at the wonders of the lush green trees or simply having a quiet moment by the riverside with bountiful greenery. The splendorous town will leave you feeling renewed .

Take all of the stress out of your Christmas shopping this year whilst supporting your local businesses! Join us at The Evesham Hotel  for our Christmas Hand Craft Fair between 5.30 and 8 pm on 24th November and get your hand on some great unique gifts.



For a cozy comforting family holiday this Festive season call us now or book online 

In the coming weeks I will enlighten you  about the other amazing facilities at the hotel.

Keep tuned for more exciting events.



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